Icecap Token Anatomy

Icecap Token Example
Each token represents a real diamond, differing only in color, clarity, and carat weight from other Icecap diamonds.

Non-fungible Token Diamonds

Each Icecap Token represents the rights to a real diamond. To make it easy for you to compare the tokens, we have created these visual icons that quickly tell you what you need to know. All Icecap tokens link to their GIA grading reports from their link “View on Icecap Diamonds”, which include the famous 4Cs: Cut Quality, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Beside the 4Cs, these reports feature all additional details and measurements, which can be viewed at any time. All Icecap diamonds have the highest Cut Quality of Triple Excellent (3X). However, their other factors vary. The top line of each icon shows that diamond’s specific values for each of the 4Cs These same values are represented visually by the segmented bar chart in the lower left.  In this case, within Icecap’s already exceedingly high quality standards, this diamond rates very high on color, high on carat clarity, and low on carat weight. The strange figure to the left of the GIA Report number is an identicon (based on the report number) to help you tell two similar diamonds apart. The diamond image shown on the icon is a stock image of an eye clean, ideal-cut round diamond.  The diamond represented by the token would look the same. To the naked eye, every Icecap diamond will appear identical, only varying in size. Now that you know what you are looking at, visit the marketplace to see what tokens are available.

The exact values of each 4C bar:

Cut Quality

  • 5 = Triple Excellent


  • 5 = D
  • 4 = E
  • 3 = F
  • 2 = G
  • 1 = H/I 


  • 5 = IF/FL
  • 4 = VVS1
  • 3 = VVS2
  • 2 = VS1
  • 1 = VS2

 Carat Weight

  • 5 = 2.00+ Ct
  • 4 = 1.67-1.99 Ct
  • 3 = 1.34-1.66 Ct
  • 2 = 1.00-1.33 Ct
  • 1 = 0.70-0.99 Ct
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