How to Sell

Guide to Selling your Diamond on Icecap's Marketplace

Please familiarize yourself with Icecap’s Value Index pricing algorithm which creates “virtual fungibility” between diamonds of different types, and hence allows for an efficient buy/sell marketplace.  The selling process at Icecap is based on that Value Index pricing and uses the Value Index Calculator to let anyone price their diamonds fairly and competitively, regardless of their knowledge of the diamond industry.

If you’re already familiar with our process, just use these two buttons to get started. Otherwise, please read a description of the sell process below.

The 4 Steps to Selling a Diamond

Step 1: Re-Vault your Diamond (If Needed)
If you have a diamond currently vaulted with Icecap, skip to Step 2. If you have a diamond purchased from Icecap, but now in your possession, please contact us for instructions on re-vaulting it for trading purposes. If you have a diamond not purchased from Icecap, but which you believe meets Icecap’s Program Standards, contact us for instructions on having it verified and vaulted for trading on the Icecap marketplace.

Step 2: Determine your Listing Price
If you have a diamond currently vaulted with Icecap, then it’s already eligible for trading. Use your Value Index Calculator to determine a listing price of your choice. You will find this calculator on the second tab of your portfolio spread sheet, along with a link for instructions in how to use it. If you can’t find it, don’t understand it, or are having any technical difficulties, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Remember you can list your diamond at whatever price you wish. The VI calculator is simply a tool to help with the decision process.

Step 3: Complete the “Sell Diamonds” Form
Once you have determined a listing price for your diamond, complete a “Sell Diamonds” form or visit You will be asked for your name and email (to help verify ownership), the GIA Report Number, and the price you are offering it for sale.

Note: Even if a diamond is priced with the best Value Index, there is no guarantee how quickly it will sell. It might happen in minutes, or might take weeks. The better the Value Index, the more likely it will sell quickly.

Step 4: Icecap Will Handle the Rest
When your diamond sells, Icecap will serve as broker and will notify you immediately by email. Note that a 5% trading fee is charged, and is deducted from the sale price. The remaining proceeds will be sent to you by check or bank wire.

Please contact Icecap with any questions about the process of selling diamonds.

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