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Guide to Buying a Diamond on Icecap's Marketplace

Please familiarize yourself with Icecap’s extremely tight grading and program standards. These standards exist to protect you, the hard-asset buyer, and help ensure that there won’t be any surprises when it’s time to sell. Note that most, perhaps all, of the diamonds offered by traditional retail outlets, and online outlets, would not pass these standards.

If you’re already familiar with our process, use these two buttons to get started. Otherwise read a description of the order process below.

The 4 Steps to Buying a Diamond

Step 1: Visit the Marketplace
Visit the marketplace to see diamonds currently offered for sale. You will note that while these diamonds include information on the 4C’s (color, clarity, carat weight, cut-quality), GIA report #, and other information, they are sorted by their “Value Index”. This is a simple way of determining—at any given time—which diamonds are offered at the best price, given their 4C’s ratings. Typically, hard-asset buyers of diamonds care primarily about obtaining the best price for a given type of diamond. The specific 4C’s ratings are not important as those are already incorporated into the price itself. Learn more about Icecap’s Value Index.

Step 2: Complete an Order Form
When you’re ready, choose the 1-10 diamonds that you’d like to buy from the marketplace. Copy down each diamond’s GIA Report #. This is how you’ll refer to the diamond in the order form. (The order form can always be accessed by a “Buy Diamonds” button or by visiting The order form will ask for your name, email, phone #, and the GIA #s and listing prices for the diamonds you wish to buy. You do not need to provide payment at this step.

Note: You can buy 1-10 diamonds in a single order, but you can complete as many order forms as you’d like. 

Step 3: Pay Invoice
After submitting the form, you will receive—generally within 24 hours—an invoice that will include the cost of the diamond(s), plus any shipping, vaulting, or other fees associated with the transaction. You may pay the invoice by bank wire or check. Note that in some cases, Icecap will need to collect KYC information to complete your sale, and may require other documents to be completed and signed as well. This helps protect all our buyers and sellers.

Step 4: Decide Where to Store your New Diamonds
When payment has processed, your diamond will be shipped. At the present time, all diamonds are shipped to—and the sale will occur at—Malca Amit’s vault in Wilmington, Delaware. The shipping fees include vaulting up to sixty days at no additional charge, at this facility. Before the end of that period, you will communicate to Icecap whether (a) you wish to continue vaulting at that facility (storage agreement will need to be executed), (b) you wish to move the diamond to a different vaulting facility of your choice (shipping, etc. fees will apply), or (c) you wish to have the diamond shipped to you personally, or to another address of your choosing. (shipping, etc., fees will apply.) Our current rate sheet is available on request. See current Terms and Conditions.

Note: Diamonds vaulted with Malca Amit—at any time—can be shipped to owner on request, and can be shipped anywhere in the world, subject to applicable fees, etc.

Please contact Icecap with any questions about the process of buying diamonds.

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