How to Buy or Sell a Diamond NFT

To buy or sell a token, we recommend using directly, but you can also use the embedded store below.

Go to the Icecap dedicated trading page to see a list of diamond-tokens currently for sale or to sell your own. All tokens are first created by Icecap, and are then sold to the public. Further trading of tokens is handled by, and Icecap is not involved in that process.

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies but new to OpenSea, we recommend either their brief “Get Started” guide or their more in-depth “Welcome to OpenSea” guide.

If you are inexperienced with cryptocurrencies and storing tokens in crypto-wallets, but wish to invest in diamonds, we recommend using Icecap’s Concierge Desk.

Note: Icecap has negotiated a reduced exchange fee for diamond tokens.  It is 1% per transaction.

Details of transactions at are shown on that website. 

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