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Hard asset diamond investment

Ready to add the hardest asset to your hard-asset portfolio? Start Here.

Step 1: Determine your budget.

Most of Icecap’s diamond tokens are in the US $3k to $10k range which we believe provide the best combination of size, quality, and liquidity to investors.  We recommend you divide your diamond investment budget between diamonds in this price range.  Example: a US$25k budget might be used to acquire five, approximately $5k price-point diamonds. 

Step 2: Choose your diamonds.

Icecap Diamonds on Opensea

Visit the OpenSea marketplace.  You will notice the diamonds can be sorted (left to right) by price point, beginning with the least expensive.  Choose your diamonds based on your budget, as per Step 1.  To an investor, the 4C’s aren’t important, as all Icecap diamonds have already been screened to be Investment Grade, and the 4C’s are discounted by the price. 

Step 3: Buy the tokens representing your diamonds.

Buying a Token

If you’re familiar with crypto-marketplaces, you probably don’t need any help with this part. Pay in USDC, and the tokens will automatically move into your MetaMask, or other OpenSea-compatible wallet.

If you’re not familiar with crypto-marketplaces, and/or need help for any reason, feel free to use our Concierge Service.  This is a free service for Icecap customers.  Email us with your situation, and we’ll respond promptly by phone or email, as you prefer.  We’ll hand-hold you through the entire process, including helping you bankwire the funds if you wish to bypass the crypto currency element of Icecap.  We’ll even set up a custodial wallet to hold your tokens and manage them for you if you wish. 

Example of a message to our concierge, to get started:
“Hi, Icecap Concierge.  I have $15,000 to invest in diamonds.  I know nothing about crypto or wallets and need some hand-holding.  Please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX  [Or please email me at XX@XXX.XXX]”

That’s it!  Once you have purchased the tokens, you can leave them in your wallet, offer them again on the OpenSea marketplace, or redeem them and enjoy the diamonds themselves—until and unless you decide to re-tokenize and liquidate your investment. 

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