How to Get Started

Ready to add the hardest asset to your hard-asset portfolio?

Step 1: Determine your budget.
Most of Icecap’s diamonds are in the US $3k to $50k range, which generally provides the best combination of size, quality, and liquidity to investors.

For example: A $100k budget might be divided between four $25k diamonds.

Step 2: Read our guide on how to buy diamonds on Icecap.
This page, which you can find at, will get you up to speed on the basics of visiting our marketplace and placing orders. You may also want to read about the value index, the system we created to help you determine which diamond is the “best deal.”

Step 3: Visit the Marketplace and place your order.
The full inventory is available for everyone to see on a public spreadsheet at Once you’ve decided on which diamonds to buy, simply write down their GIA Certificate # and list price, then fill out the order form at We’ll then reach out to you with an invoice for your order to finalize the transaction.

If you still have any questions, please reach us through our contact page.

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