Icecap’s Concierge Desk

Struggling to understand diamond investing, blockchains, or NFTs?
You’ve come to the right place.

At Icecap, we want to make diamond buying and selling as easy for you as possible.  The technology of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) means it’s now possible to leave the diamond in a vault, and buy/sell the NFT representing ownership of that diamond.  The NFT, subject to Icecap’s terms and conditions, represents a bearer instrument and claim on that specific diamond.

This gives you, the owner, the provable security of blockchain transactions.  But the NFT is itself a blockchain token, and must be stored in your blockchain “wallet.”  What if you don’t have one?  What if you aren’t sure what a blockchain token even is?  What if you don’t really want to learn, and would prefer someone else keep track of your token?

Here are the services that Icecap’s Concierge Desk offers:

  • Purchase one or more diamond tokens on your behalf.  You will make payment in advance by bank wire (checks may be accepted by special arrangement).  Once funds are received, Icecap will execute the trade and purchase the NFT representing the diamond.
  • Store the diamond indefinitely.
  • Store the token representing the diamond, so you don’t have to.  Icecap will send you a Certificate showing your ownership of the specific diamond.  (See sample, below.)
  • Deliver the diamond itself to you if you ever wish to redeem the token.
  • Sell the diamond token on your behalf, convert the crypto payment into US dollars, and send the dollars to you.

All these services are offered at no charge through December 31, 2021.  Small fees may be charged for some of these services thereafter.  Before any such fees are charged, you will be notified of the new fee schedule, and offered an opportunity to take possession of your token(s) and/or of your diamonds.

To begin using our Concierge Desk, email, or call +1-970-393-2994.

Sample Certificate of Diamond Ownership

Shown here:
A sample certificate of diamond ownership, given to users of our concierge service.

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