One-of-a-Kind Jewelry NFTs

Icecap Collectibles

The World’s First NFTs
For Extremely Rare Jewelry

Icecap Brings Its Diamond NFT Expertise To Collectible Jewelry

Icecap uses non-fungible tokens to represent ownership of exclusive gemstones and jewelry.
You trade the token without friction while the jewelry remains vaulted and insured.
At any time, you can redeem the token and receive the physical item itself.*
*After payment of shipping/insurance costs plus any sales taxes, if applicable (based on jurisdiction).


Featured above: The 'Eye of the Orchid'
Collectible Jewelry NFTs

They're the marriage of NFT tradability with the most elite gems and jewelry in the world. These pieces are typically valued at over $1,000,000 USD, and they represent some of the most beautiful gemstones in the world.

Rare and Exclusive

Icecap’s collectible jewelry NFTs are defined by their rarity and exclusiveness. No two pieces are alike, and each would be at home adorning an Oscar-winning actress, sparking envy in a royal jewelry collection, or quietly resting in your personal safe. Because of their rarity and price-point, they are less liquid than Icecap’s investment-grade diamonds, but they are far more unique.

The First of their Names

Just like the 'Hope Diamond' or the 'Koh-i-Noor', all Icecap Collectibles are officially named with the Museum of Diamonds. Upon purchase, buyers have the option to give their tokenized gem a new name of their choice.

Preview of Icecap Collectibles available on OpenSea

Icecap Collectibles FAQ


Investment NFTs

Collectible NFTs


Loose gem vs. finished jewelry

Loose gem only

Both loose gems and finished pieces

Loose gems are easier to grade, determine value, and liquidate. 

Type of Gems

White diamonds only

White diamonds, colored diamonds (extremely rare), and high-end colored gemstones

White diamonds are far more common and easy to trade, making them the clear fit for investors. Colored gems are more unique and better suited for collectors

Price Point

Under $100,000

Over $100,000

Six-figure and up gem and jewelry items are very rare, and exhibit outstanding color, size, artistry and craftsmanship. But, again, they are less liquid. 

Price Transparency

The market is well defined, and relatively transparent in terms of price, and has higher liquidity.

Because of the uniqueness of these pieces, their prices are subjective and are often set only at auction.

These differences in price transparency are one more reason why the investment and collectible markets have different needs.

Suitability as investment

Less speculative, more predictable. These diamonds generally outpace inflation but are usually less volatile than gold.   The grading of these pieces is sophisticated, standardized, and transparent.

Collector pieces can perform extremely well over long periods, but can equally drop in value in the short term.  They are generally more volatile than simple, round, white diamonds, and valuation/grading is more difficult.

No one can predict the future, and no one can predict what prices anything—including Icecap’s NFTs—can be sold for in the future. In general, if you have a lower budget and/or are more likely to need easy liquidity, the investment-grade diamonds are for you.  If you want something extremely rare and unusual, the collectible pieces are the better choice.

KYC (“Know Your Customer”) rules require Icecap to determine the identity of anyone purchasing a newly-minted diamond or jewelry NFT.  That is the purpose of the form: to collect the legally-required information.

Icecap’s Collectible NFTs are extremely rare, unusual pieces, for which the market is not clear, and pricing is difficult to determine.  Often, this kind of jewelry is sold at an auction, specifically because it is not obvious what the actual price should be.  Icecap Collectibles consists of a broad array of diamonds, colored stones, and finished pieces – each of which are utterly unique and exceptionally rare. We do not in any way guarantee or even speculate on what these items may one day be worth, or what they might go for at auction.

You buy Icecap Collectibles tokens at in exchange for USDC. Each token represents a specific piece of finished jewelry in an insured vault. Tokens are sold directly by Icecap, as well as by other users. If a token is being sold by Icecap, you’ll have to make an offer that matches or beats the “Initial Price” in its description. And before we can accept your offer, you must complete this KYC form

Once you’ve bought a token, you can either:

  • Keep it as a token, so it can be easily traded.
  • Redeem the token and physically receive your piece. At that point, the jewelry is completely yours. The token is destroyed, but you can re-tokenize if you decide to sell the collectible later.
    Note: Due to auditing and transportation requirements, re-tokenizing collectibles may cost around 10% of the initial value of the item.

To sell the token, simply accept an offer that someone has made for your token on OpenSea. You can also set an asking price and wait for bids to come in.

We’re happy to answer any questions. Please fill out the contact form directly below this FAQ. We typically respond within 24 hours.


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