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Want to learn more about diversifying into diamonds? You’ve come to the right place.

Opinion: Is SVB’S collapse a “buy” signal for diamonds?

If US treasuries are no now considered risky—what’s safe? It took a lot of mistakes to ruin Silicon Valley Bank. But it takes only a few smart decisions for investors to avoid what’s now likely to be more out-of-control inflation. Gold and silver look like smart bets right now. And suddenly, so do diamonds.

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Are Diamonds Right for You?

At Icecap, we only want people to invest in diamonds if it’s a good fit, and makes sense for your specific needs and portfolio. For many people it likely is not a good fit. Here’s a quick guide to determine whether diamond investment could make sense in your case.

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Icecap and NFTs

Icecap was envisioned as a diamond marketplace based on NFTs. During launch, we found a better technology for the immediate needs of our customers. We still plan to bring back NFTs, as a second marketplace to complement our trading platform going forward.

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Opinion: How To Think About Your Diamond Portfolio

You don’t buy diamonds, even for asset diversification, and then check the next day, or the next month, and consider whether to move more or less money into them based on short term price swings. And there’s a reason for that. Actually, there are two reasons.

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Opinion: How Much of Your Wealth Should Be Portable?

As economies become less stable, and move inexorably towards hyper-inflation and severe recession, what investors need to do to protect themselves necessarily changes. At some point yield and even growth need to give way to wealth preservation. And at some point, wealth-preservation needs to give way to wealth portability and concealment.

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