The blockchain-based marketplace for investment-grade diamonds.

What makes diamonds a great asset?

The Hardest Asset

Because diamonds track generally with gold and silver prices, but in a less volatile manner, they are an ideal way to diversify your hard asset portfolio.


A million dollars of diamonds can travel discretely, whether in a pocket or a locket. That much wealth in gold could not be carried by one person.

Beloved and Beautiful

When not concealed, diamonds thrive in plain sight. More than a store of wealth, they are wealth—and can be enjoyed by you or a loved one, purely for their beauty.

So why are diamonds rarely used for asset diversification?

Lack of Fungibility

Every diamond is as unique as a snowflake. Without the necessary expertise, you won't know which ones to buy. Hint: The 4 Cs are nearly worthless for this purpose.

Brutal Buy/Sell Spread

Unless you're in the diamond business yourself, you will buy at retail, and sell far below wholesale. That's a terrible way to preserve wealth.

Inaccessible Marketplace

The diamond industry is organized around selling new jewelry. Other than a pawnshop, there is no obvious place to sell a diamond when it's time to liquidate.


If you need to sell a diamond, it can sometimes take months or longer. This does not meet the needs of most investors.

How Tokenizing Diamonds Solves These Problems:

Ethereum was the missing piece of the puzzle.
Embrace Fungibility

Icecap uses the Ethereum ERC721 Non-Fungible Token standard to give diamonds their own digital tokens. That unique token represents the rights to a single diamond, and enables that diamond to function as a tradeable asset.

Minimal Buy/Sell Spread

Buyers and Sellers of Icecap tokens incur only the OpenSea 1% exchange fee on their transactions. Assuming a willing buyer and willing seller, the diamond should be able to be sold at very close to the price it was purchased—plus any underlying price-level movements with diamonds generally.

Access A Global Marketplace

Once tokenized, diamonds can now be traded on any crypto-exchange in the world that supports the ERC721 standard. A diamond can be bought and sold as easily as a CryptoKitty.

Give Diamonds Liquidity

Once tokenized, diamonds can be kept in a secure warehouse vault in New York, redeemed and kept in the owner's safekeeping, or offered for sale on crypto-exchanges worldwide.

Who is Behind Icecap?

The perfect union of diamond and crypto expertise.

Jacques Voorhees

Jacques Voorhees


Jacques is the inventor of online diamond trading marketplaces. He is the founder and past president of Polygon, one of the most disruptive initiatives to hit the diamond industry in the last fifty years. Polygon—for the first time—allowed diamonds to be traded globally by computer networks, and with transparent price comparisons. Several million dollars of diamonds are traded every day on Polygon—and even more on the many copy-cat sites that now exist. He has also helped establish online diamond marketplaces for private groups such as American Gem Society, Independent Jewelers Organization, and De Beers’ Forevermark brand. Jacques was named one of the jewelry industry’s most influential people, by JCK Magazine.

Erik Voorhees

Erik Voorhees


Erik Voorhees is among the top-recognized serial Bitcoin advocates and entrepreneurs, understanding Bitcoin as one of the most important inventions ever created by humanity. Having been a featured guest on Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC, and numerous Bitcoin and industry conferences, Erik humbly suggests that there is no such thing as a “free market” when the institution of money itself is centrally planned and controlled. Erik is Jacques Voorhees’ son.

Bill Boyajian

Bill Boyajian


Bill is the past president (1986-2006) of the prestigious Gemological Institute of America—the global educational organization that invented the 4 C’s diamond grading standards.  Today, he is an industry consultant.

Krista Olson-Blundell​


Krista is formerly Vice-President / Marketing for Polygon, and was previously Sales Director for JCK Las Vegas Show, the largest diamond and jewelry show in the world. She was also co-founder of “Luxury by JCK,” the jewelry industry’s premier luxury show brand.
Jeffrey Fischer

Jeffrey Fischer


Jeff is CEO of one of the most respected wholesale diamond companies in North America, Fischer Diamonds.  Jeff is also Chairman Emeritus of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (the jewelry industry’s ethics watchdog group), and President Emeritus of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (the global trade association for the diamond industry.)

Michael Terpin

Michael Terpin


Michael Terpin is founder and CEO of Transform Group which has served more than 200 clients in the blockchain field and helped launch more than 100 ICO’s including Ethereum.  Terpin is also co-founder of BitAngels, the world’s first angel network for digital currency/ blockchain startups. Previously Terpin founded Marketwired, one of the world’s largest company newswires, which was acquired in 2006 and later sold to NASDAQ for $200 million. 

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