The Hardest Asset Is Now Liquid

Safely add diamonds to your investment portfolio via blockchain technology

The Diamond Marketplace for Hard-Asset Investors

As a hard-asset investor, you seek protection against inflation.
You own gold and you may own silver. But you’ve probably avoided diamonds because:

  • Retail markups meant a big loss when you were ready to sell. (High bid/ask spread)
  • There was never a good place to sell. A pawnshop should never be your only option.
  • Tracking value over time is difficult with non-fungible assets like diamonds.
Icecap solves these historic problems via a blockchain-based marketplace to make trading diamonds comparable to trading gold.

Benefits of Icecap's Diamond Marketplace

Preserve Your Investment Value​

By trading the diamond’s token in a frictionless environment, you buy and sell close to wholesale price. Thus your investment doesn’t lose half its value the moment you “drive it out of the showroom.”

Always Know Your Liquidation Price​

Icecap’s marketplace of ongoing bids (at least one bid is guaranteed on every token) means you always know the value of your investment, and can liquidate for that value at any time, with a mouse click.

Enjoy Your Asset Before You Trade it

If you wish, you can redeem your token and take delivery of your diamond—perhaps to adorn a loved one. That way you’re investing in both a hard asset, and your relationship. You can re-tokenize later if you decide to sell.

What Makes Diamonds a Great Asset?

Non-fungible Token Hard Asset Diamond Investment, NFT marketplace
The Hardest Asset

Because diamonds track generally with gold and silver prices, but in a less volatile manner, they are an ideal way to diversify your hard asset portfolio.

Portable and Concealable

A million dollars of diamonds can travel discretely, whether in a pocket or worn as jewelry. That much wealth in gold could not be carried by one person.

Beloved and Beautiful

When not concealed, diamonds thrive in plain sight. More than a store of wealth, they are wealth—and can be enjoyed by you or a loved one, purely for their beauty.

How it Works

Trade Close to Wholesale Price.
Icecap sells newly-issued diamonds at a 10% margin over wholesale cost. The industry average for diamond e-tailers is about 25%. Your diamond goes in a vault and your warehouse receipt is in the form of a blockchain token, with paper backup.

Enjoy Investment-Grade Liquidity.
Icecap screens its diamonds to maximize their liquidity. True “investment grade” diamonds are as easy to sell, not just easy to buy.

Access a Buy/Sell Marketplace.
Icecap operates a buy/sell marketplace in which investment-buyers, market-makers, and diamond industry wholesalers bid against each other to minimize spreads, and maximize liquidity.

Leverage Patent-Pending Technology.
Icecap uses patent-pending blockchain technology to document ownership, create virtual fungibility™, make pricing transparent, and deliver to you—the hard asset investor—close to a “metals-trading” experience.

Take Delivery Anytime.
You can always redeem your warehouse receipt and take delivery of your diamond, to store it securely yourself and/or to enjoy as jewelry while in your portfolio. Return it to the vault when you’re ready to sell.